Revealed: 5 clubs with the most players at Euro 2016

Euro 2016 logo with club badgesWith Euro 2016 in full swing, it is easy to forget the ammunition that clubs have supplied in this competition.

We decided to take a look at the players who are featuring in the European Championships (with more than 100 of them currently playing in the Premier League alone).

Germany’s Bundesliga comes 2nd in this regard with 57 of its players playing in France.

However, one thing that is surprising is the lack of representation of La Liga in France. With just 34 players playing in the Championships, La Liga have fewer players featuring in UEFA Euro 2016 than the Turkish League.

Here are the 5 clubs with the most players at Euro 2016:

Liverpool – 12
Of the 12 Liverpool players that are representing their National teams in the competition, 6 have been a part of the 23-man English squad. Moreover, the likes of Belgium, Wales, Slovakia and Germany also feature Liverpool players.

Juventus – 12
While Liverpool have the same number of players as Juventus in Euro 2016, the Italian Champions lead the English side when it comes to diversity. In addition to supplying ammunition to Italy, Juventus will have its representation in the French and German teams as well.

Tottenham – 11
Although they suffered a heartbreak at the end of last season, Tottenham fans might take solace of the fact that they are well represented at the European Championships.

Manchester United – 10
With the likes of Wayne Rooney, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and David De Gea representing them, it is safe to say that the Manchester United contingent constitutes a formidable presence at the European Championships.

Bayern Munich – 10
Similar to Manchester United, the German champions also have 10 players belonging to them at the European Championships. In addition to Germany ñ which constitutes 6 Bayern players, the Bavarian team also form a part of French, Austrian, Polish and Spanish teams.

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