Young Talented Premier League Players Should Emulate Oliver Burke’s Career Move

oliver burke in a nottingham forest football shirtThe unexpected move that Oliver Burke took this summer when he signed a 13m deal to join RB Leipzig from Nottingham Forest left many fans in awe. Former Premier League players, Jermaine Jenas and John Hartson, claimed that the Scottish winger considered the move to the Bundesliga newcomers because of the lucrative offer, which raises question marks on his agent’s involvement. According to Hartson, Burke should have considered joining Sunderland or West Brom rather than RB Leipzig. However, Burke is currently playing well for his new team in Germany, and the big question that would shake up online soccer odds is whether other young EPL stars could emulate him.

In a remarkable perspective, Burke defended his transfer to Leipzig saying he needed a team that would help him develop his talents instead of moving to bigger clubs that would likely use loan him to other clubs and receive little playing time. With Bundesliga known to emphasize on youth development, so far, Leipzig has given Burke the necessary freedom to learn the technical side of the game. As such, he will progressively develop his talent significantly and in case he considers a move to the Premier League next summer, he will have advanced his skills from his playing time in Germany.

If Burke succeeds in developing his skills and career in Germany as expected, he could be a key motivation to many talented young players to seek the same path. Since money is a dominant factor in the Premier League, especially for the big clubs, teams in the lower end of the division barely consider youth development as a key factor to their success, but instead focus on their survival to maintain their incomes. EPL clubs have resorted to a culture of buying young talented players and loaning them out to inferior clubs.

In the modern-day era of English football, it seems most clubs focus on the overall drive to win at all costs rather than focusing on youth development and coaching them as future football stars. The philosophy behind getting good results over youth development has a damaging effect to the young players in the long run. Even though such practices are understandable to some extent, the disregarding the development of young players over the pursuit for results is a big problem. In a mission to keep their jobs, several managers usually abandon young players when they fail to save their respective clubs from relegation.

Conversely, good results play an important role in spotting young talent from various clubs, especially those bursting with stars. However, in the EPL, many fans lose their patience with young prospect when they fail to deliver expected results. Naturally, some exceptional clubs give young talented players more opportunities to demonstrate their talent. Furthermore, some mangers usually practice patience with the youngsters by offering them many chances to win their trust as they develop their talents. Unfortunately, the Premier League has embraced a culture of name value, precooked satisfaction, and a demand for well-established players, which locks out young players who expect to advance their skills from various academies.

Few talented players have managed to shine in the Premier League as youngsters and later become elite players after realizing their potential. Therefore, to make the game in Britain more sustainable, many changes have to ensue and this should start now. Soccer fans should not raise their eyebrows when they see young talented players like Oliver Burke considering a move to a foreign league because such decisions could be the light at the end of the tunnel for young promising players who want to take similar career paths.

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