The Weakness of Tottenham, Derby Away Games

Tottenham was supposed to win this past weekend against a weak and suffering Arsenal, surprisingly it was the other way around.

Both squads presented a 3-4-3 formation making for an even first half. Arsenal got lucky and drew first blood with a foul on Alexis Sanchez near the goal.

Mustafi scored after the free kick and the Gunners manage the advantage from this point on.
5 minutes after that first goal Alexandre Lacazette and Sanchez managed some amazing passing skills and scored the final second goal. In less than 10 minutes the match was decided.

Arsenal has suffered with the dreaded 2 – 0 score line in previous matches, but this time Mauricio Pochettino couldn’t figure out how to turn the score around.

If we look at the Spurs campaign under Pochettino, they have only one away game won against the top 6 clubs of the Premier League. Where is the weakness? Much of it goes to the top three players: Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen. But the real weakness is Pochettino himself.

Pochettino hasn’t resolved the formula; why does crush legendary clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool at home, but get stamped by Manchester United, City, and Arsenal in away games?

This problem needs to be figured out if Tottenham dreams of capitalising from one of the best squads it has ever had. Arsene Wenger in his time had a similar squad of young rising stars during the Invincible era, but it all came tumbling down when they got to famous and the club couldn’t retain them anymore. The same will happen with Kane, Alli and Eriksen among others.

If you are betting on the Spurs

The Spurs are the surprise team of the season, mostly for its achievements on the Champions League. While it looked invincible a couple of weeks ago, this might be more related to sudden flaws in Real Madrid than supreme virtues from the English side.

The squad is solid and strong, but their energy seems pretty much focused on the following stages of the Champions. As they lose ground on the Premier, it will be more likely their focus will shift even more.

Expect the Spurs to draw or lose most of its away matched in the upcoming weeks while retaining their energy for local games and the Champions, were it is expected they will give ground on the last two group games to re-focus on the local stage.

Also take in mind that Davinson Sanchez, the young defender, is key on Tottenham’s positive results. When he stayed out because of injury the club lost games, while it never lost a game until now when Davinson played. Check out the latest Premier League football odds by William Hill, and make your call.

It is likely the Spurs will have a nice performance in their next match against Borussia Dortmund, a draw is the most likely outcome in the away match.

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