You’re at the 4C Project!

4C actually signifies the 4 Champions in reference to Europe’s top 4 leagues – La Liga (Spain), the Bundesliga (Germany), the Premier League (England) and Serie A (Italy).

Our passion for the quality and level of football in each of these leagues has manifested itself in us writing this blog about them!

We’ll be writing updates, news and breaking stories about teams in each of the 4 leagues.

And of course there is so much crossover with players and managers moving between them all the time. The list of examples would be endless.

We also love the timeless debate of which league is the best in Europe.

Of course everyone likes to use the UEFA Champions League as the yardstick to measure them against each other – which is all we really have at the moment.

In the past few years Spain and Germany have proven to be particularly strong while the Premier League appears to be in something of a dip.

Like anything, there are ebbs and flows of dominance and high performance, and we almost expect Serie A to make a comeback in the not too distant future. Feel free to disagree!

Regardless of your viewpoint, we enjoy hearing it – it makes for great debate. So visit our contact page or leave us a note on one of our articles.

We hope you enjoy reading the 4C Project.